Around the world blog hop....

I was asked by the lovely Moira to join in on the Around the World blog hop and as she is so lovely, who was I to refuse.....

So I'm going to start by admitting that I always find it really awkward answering questions like these.  I try to leave the brain burning stuff for the days I'm getting paid for it at work, so I am going to keep it short and sweet ;-)

  • What am I working on?
I have a few projects on the go at the minute, the first is my mini for the IGmini swap...

I was admiring Karie's churn dashes and had an urge to make a goosey version, as you do!  I'm currently contemplating my quilting options.

The second project is a plus quilt packed full of Cotton + Steel fabrics....

I only finished piecing it yesterday, so haven't thought about backing fabric and quilting yet.

  • How does my work differ from others in it's genre? 
Well unless you count my obsessive need to include geese and rainbows in every project, I don't think it does!?   I don't want to be a trend setter and I don't mind being part of a crowd.  I make what I make, because it makes me happy.

  • Why do I write/create what I do?
 I think I probably answered this with my last sentence above.  A lot of my projects lately have been challenges to myself to see if I could make it.  I like to shrink blocks to stupid sizes just to see if I can put them together without them looking like a dogs dinner.  I would say I am successful about 50% of the time and I'm good with that.

My tiny #goosedash pincushion - because I have to try and shrink every block I make!

 My geese patterns came about because I love geese circles, but I hate piecing curves.  I wanted a lazy girl way of doing it.  In general what I create will always depend on how hard it is and how long it will take.  I go for the easy option, well almost always, the Ikea quilt being the exception with it's trillions of HSTs! ;-)

  • How does my creative process work?
 It's organised!  I like to plan my projects out, either on EQ7 or paper, there is no random in this house and certainly no improv.  I am a self-confessed #analquilter and proud!

I have asked the lovely Amy to take part in the blog hop next week.  I love her work and am lucky enough to include her as a real life good friend.  


'Postcard from Sweden' -aka the IKEA HST quilt

 Back in April I was doing my usual run to IKEA for a Britten Nummer's fabric stock up and I picked up these art cards on my way to the checkout.

IKEA Art cards by Tom Frazier

They were just meant to be made in to a quilt and despite the fact that I am not the biggest fan of making HST's, two weeks ago I stepped up to the challenge of doing just that using the top right card as my inspiration.

I spent a whole Friday evening with all my Kona cotton solids and my modified Kona card coming up with a plan.  By Saturday morning I had 36 Kona Cotton solids picked out from my stash, a number coded chart and the #militaryoperationquilting was born.

the abbreviated WIP picture collage

I loved every part of making this quilt, even the trimming of the HST wasn't really a chore thanks to the genius that is the Bloc-Loc ruler.

With such a riot of colours I chose a medium grey 50wt Aurifil thread (#2605) for both the piecing and quilting and it blended beautifully.

Surprisingly I didn't back the quilt with the IKEA Nummers fabric, I used my other staple favourite Architextures Crosshatch in grey and binding in black.

I posted pics of  every step of making this quilt on IG and had such amazing feedback that I decided that I should turn my scribblings in to a free pattern.  I uploaded the pattern to my Craftsy pattern store yesterday and you can find it here.

Justine at Simply Solids is  putting together a kit for this quilt to go with my free pattern, I will post on here when it is available.

This picture is for you  Little Island Quilting x

Quilt Stats:
Design: Inspired by IKEA Kort Art cards by Tom Frazier.
Fabrics: 36 Kona cotton solids (full list can be seen in the free pattern here)
Binding & Backing: Architextures crosshatch in grey & black
Quilting:Wonky wavy lines using the walking foot.
Thread:  Pieced and quilted with #Aurifil thread in medium grey (50wt #2605)
Size: Approx. 48" x 60"


'Lucky' - Irish chain quilt

Today I am featuring over on The Daily stitch blog with my latest quilt tutorial for my Irish chain quilt.....
Love those frogs!
Every few months Annie sends me a beautiful bundle of fabrics, so I can make her a quilt for the shop window.  This months themes was beautiful greens and blues and I decided that an Irish chain design was the way to go.

I backed the quilt with Architextures crosshatch in grey and used the wonky wavy quilting design with Aurifil 50wt (#2021). It blended perfectly with both the Kona snow and the prints and gave the quilt a lovely texture.

Never work with kids or animals! ;-)
If you fancy making your own version, head over to The Daily Stitch for the tutorial.

Quilt stats:
Design:Well I designed the layout in EQ7 but it's not particularly original ;-)
Fabrics:Designer FQ bundle from The Village Haberdashery; Kona cotton in Bleached white.
Binding & Backing: Architextures crosshatch in grey.
Quilting:Wonky wavy lines using the walking foot.
Thread:  Pieced and quilted with #Aurifil thread in off white (40wt & 50wt #2021)
Size: Approx. 56" x 67"


Bordering on the obsessive - a geese filled post!

I thought I had scratched my geese designing itch with Goosed up & Goosing around, until I started messing around with skinny geese.  It would appear I may need an intervention for this obsession as I designed another three variations.

First up is Skinny Minny....

Skinny Minny block
Similar to Goosed up in that it is a 24 geese circle, but oh the versatility of this block is huge simply by mixing the clockwise and anti-clockwise templates or changing the fabrics.  The PDF for this block includes templates for both directions to make blocks in three sizes 4", 8" and 12".

Design ideas using the Skinny Minny templates
 The lovely @giucy_giuce on IG tested this pattern for me and made the cutest pincushion from the 4" block.  If you are on IG you should follow him, he makes the most stunning stuff. 

Next up was Juicy Goosey....

You can never have too many geese in a block was my motto designing this ;-).  32 geese and no curved piecing in sight, that's my kind of block!  This block also comes in three sizes - 4", 8" & 12".

12" Juicy Goosey block
and because I also have an obsession with making #tinygeese, I included a 4" template, which happened to make a super cute pincushion....
4" Juicy Goosey pincushion
Now I was quite content to leave it here, until I posted this picture on IG and was challenged to incorporate the two blocks into a double circle of flying geese.  Bull meet red rag!!!

I wasn't daft enough to try it with the 32 geese block, but I thought it would work with the Goosed up templates.  So after trying a very technically advanced Scissors, glue and picmonkey version and a bit of head scratching, I ended up with.......

 Double Goosed

48 geese in one block, with NO curved sewing required - can I hear angels singing!?!
This block looks hard to sew, but in reality is pretty easy with only two templates to join.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at the fabulous Jen Johnston's Flickr description;-).  Jen (@jenniferjohnston80) very kindly tested the 14" block for me and made this beautiful version.....

Picture blogged with permission - Block made by Jen Johnston
I made templates for a 12" and 14" block size - perfect for a medallion quilt centre perhaps (yes Mama Sparks, I mean you!).

And so Double Goosed was my Swan (or geese) song and I am bowing gracefully and exiting off the 'designery stage'.  Well as far as Geese circle blocks are concerned!

All the patterns are now available in my Craftsy pattern shop.  If you happen to make any of the designs, please tag me on IG (@Jeliquilts) or send me a picture via email.  I get all giddy when I see blocks made from my patterns.


Sew Mama Sew's "My favourite quilt" series

My Wink quilt is being featured over on the Sew Mama Sew blog today, in a fabulous series curated by the lovely Jessica of Quilty Habit.


I was so chuffed to be asked to be a part of this month long series and can't wait to see all the favourite quilts that are posted throughout June.  Go check it out, there is even a link up for your own favourite quilt and a chance to win some vouchers from Fabricworm.


SMS giveaway winners - Spring 2014

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my little giveaway and for all the kind words about the pincushions and pattern.

Goosed up 4" block to make this post prettier ;-)

Mr RNG did his thing last night and picked the following numbers:
  • Comment 72 - ELNM who won the Trail of Geese pin cushion and a copy of the Goosed up pattern.
  • Comment  58 - Paloma who won the Cross geese pin cushion and a copy of the Gossed up pattern.
The final three winners won a copy of the Goosed Up pattern:
  • Comment 110 - Jellybean
  • Comment 67 - Jude
  • Comment 180 - Ramona
Congrats to all the winners - emails have already been sent.


Bloggers Quilt Festival - Spring 2014


Well Quilt market is well under way, which means it is time for the Blogger's quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative side.

 My entry for the Spring festival is my Sunprint quilt which I am entering into the large quilt category.

The first time I saw the Alison Glass Sunprint fabric collection I fell in love and bought and hoarded each of the designs as they were released, because I wanted to make a quilt using all of them.

I finally decided on a triangle design and used the Sissix Isosceles triangle die to cut all my blocks, then spent hours and hour moving them about until I got to a layout I liked! ;-)

The reason I love this quilt so much, is not just because it is made with beautiful fabrics, but more because it was pieced on a weekend retreat with my fabulous sewing buddies.  Every time I look  at the quilt it makes me smile thinking about that weekend, it was full of laughter. That and the fact that I bribed Charlotte to piece some of it for me, because the points were doing my head in!!

The quilting is a off centred spiral with some funky FMQ in the middle as I value my sanity too much to try and quilt the tiny spiral.  I used Aurifil thread in grey (40wt - #2600), which blends beautifully with all the Sunprint fabrics  and the silver Kona cotton border.

 The backing is the Riley Blake dots in extra wide and I bound with the Feathers print in hot pink.

Good friends hang of the swing bar so you can get a good quilt shot!!
 So there we have my entry to the Bloggers quilt festival - thanks for stopping by!  I'm off to look at all the beautiful quilts being posted.

Quilt stats:
Design:My own (4 hours of moving triangles around)
Fabrics:Alison Glass Sunprint (46 fabrics in all); Kona cotton in Graphite and Kona cotton in Silver
Binding:Alison Glass Feathers in pink
Quilting:Off centre spiral with a bit of random FMQ in the middle
Thread:  Pieced and quilted with #Aurifil thread in grey (40wt & 50wt #2600)
Size: 54" x 70"